Join the Oily Gurus

Welcome to the Oily Gurus – a network 2,000 people strong!  By joining our team, you will receive access to Oily University filled with videos, documents and images to help you grow your essential oils business; you will be added to 3 private Facebook groups focused on various aspects of the biz; we can schedule monthly mentoring meetings and I will be available to you 7 days a week via email for support. Join us in spreading the word about the benefits of essential oils by simply telling other people why you use and enjoy the products.  It’s as simple as sharing!

You might ask, what are my options?  Well, let me tell you!

Retail Customer – Maybe you already have a bunch of oils and you’re mostly interested in trying out a few Young Living Essential Oils just to see what you think.  OK, maybe.  If you choose this option you will be paying FULL retail price for your YLEO.  Just sayin’.

Member, without Essential Rewards – Whether or not you are familiar with essential oils, this kit is the perfect introduction to Young Living.  It includes a room diffuser of your choice (this is what ultimately affects the price), 11-5ml oils, 10 oil samples, plus sample bottles and business cards, 2 NingXia samples and member resources.  This option is great if you are looking for a soft intro to Young Living Essential Oils and there is no monthly purchase requirement.  There is an annual minimum purchase of 50 PV (about $50-75 depending on the products you choose) in order to remain in good standing.  At this level, you are not eligible for bonuses or commission.  You can, however, upgrade to Essential Rewards at any time!

Member, with Essential Rewards – If you want to turn this into a business opportunity, this is the level at which you will need to enroll. It does require a monthly 50-100 minimum Personal Volume purchase (about $100-150 depending on the products you choose) which may include tools to help you grow!  A 50PV purchase keeps you eligible for bonuses and 100PV for the commissions, as well.  Purchase the Premium Starter Kit of your choice and also set up your monthly order.  Remember, your monthly order can be changed any time (you’re not going to order the same thing each month), you can skip 1 month per year without penalty, you will also be accruing points that can be redeemed for additional product or shipping discounts!

You probably like to be around like-minded people and if you are interested in learning more about incorporating natural, chemical free products into your daily life I guarantee that other people you know are also interested in learning!  This is not a company where you have to set up a party and talk in front of people (although you are welcome to!) and you don’t have to conduct classes (although many distributors do!).  You will get back as much as you put into it and are not obligated to make any goals except for the ones you set for yourself.  You choose when you want to work and how you want to do it.  And the best part is that you can do it from anywhere.

If you are looking for financial freedom, the ability to choose how you run your business or the flexibility of when and where you want to work, and are eager to share your (dare I say) passion for clean living, becoming a distributor might be a great option for you. In order to participate as a distributor, you are required to purchase your choice of Premium Starter Kit (Standard, Thieves or NingXia) as well as enroll in the monthly Essential Rewards Program which includes a purchase of 50-100 Personal Volume per month ($50-150 depending on what items you choose).  That is the perfect motivation to share….once people see how you use and love your YLEO, they will want to join the tribe and be part of the fun.  I challenge you to share with enough other people and (1) make enough in bonus and commission to pay for your Essential Rewards order and (2) turn a profit to allow you to do the things that matter in your life.

Here is the basic breakdown:

First Three Months of purchasing THIER Starter Kit:

Fast Start Bonus
25% of their personal orders ($200 max)
10% of second level personal orders

Which Breaks Down to:
Fast Start Living Bonus
•$25 one-time bonus for each person who signs up under you and purchases a Premium Starter Kit

Commission Based on Monthly PV Orders
•8% of their personal volume (monthly PV) purchases
•5% of second level personal orders

Assuming YOU make 100 pv purchases…
Person A buys a starter kit (under you). You earn $25 for the starter kit plus $25 fast start bonus plus 2.40 commission (100pv x 30% x 8%). Total $52.40

The next month she buys 200pv. You earn $50 for fast start bonus  (25% x 200), plus 4.80 commission (200 x 30% x 8%).

Month three she buys 75 pv. You earn $18.75 fast start bonus (75x 25%) plus $1.80 commission.

Month four, she buys 100pv. You earn $8.
(And 8% on all future purchases).

Check out this income guide to discover the possibilities:


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