hOMe Sessions

Family Yoga classes are playful, engaging and energy releasing!  You will be guided through imagination games, traditional yoga asanas, parent/child partner poses, accompanied by songs and the occasional dance party.  Sequences take you from Surya Namaskar A to Savasana, with non-stop movement all the way through!  Classes are appropriate for ages 2 and up.  $75/45 minute class

Pre/Post-Natal at hOMe will help to relieve stress, build strength and help to reduce pregnancy related aches and pains.  Aligning your body with gentle techniques and adjusting your practice throughout your pregnancy will help to revitalize you for the days ahead.  Birthing partners are welcome to attend these sessions for added support!  $100/60 minute hOMe session.

Adult hOMe Sessions are designed to meet your specific needs and level.  They can emphasize a higher intensity yoga practice, restorative yoga, ballet based sculpting exercises, or follow a traditional Vinyasa flow. Held in the privacy of your home, office or even at the beach, hOMe sessions foster your own personal practice and hearken back to how yoga was originally taught – one on one. $100/60 minute hOMe session.

Celebrate & Meditate private parties are perfect for children’s or adult birthdays, girl’s night in, couples, family reunions, office parties, or any excuse to celebrate!  Class lasts 45-90 minutes, is appropriate for walkers and up and is tailored to your event style.  Rates vary per class length and number of participants.  Please inquire regarding rates.

When inquiring about hOMe sessions, please include the type of class you are interested in, your location, and three convenient day/time options for you.

hOMe sessions are available in the Los Angeles area only.

Contact Casey for availability.