My Staycay with Day/Axe

Processed with VSCO with q5 presetWith the official start to summer right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your activities to get you out of the house, enjoying the fresh air and time together…or alone for some peace and quiet! No matter what kind of company you decide to keep this summer, I know you will enjoy THIS fun new site that gives you access to luxury hotel amenities without requiring a room reservation. Day/Axe gives you day access to select hotels and resorts and the ability to use their pool, gym facilities, meeting space and often the exclusive spa.

I visited the Fairmont Miramar property in Santa Monica, CA because of its beautiful views and its family friendly atmosphere. For $20 (kids under the age of 6 are free there) myIMG_3017.JPG daughter and I headed to the pool for the afternoon! We were instructed to check in at Exhale Spa, which is associated with the Fairmont and has its own private entrance off of 2nd Street. The staff was very professional and gave us a tour of the facilities, including the locker room which we were granted access to with the use of a key card. They had many lockers available with digital locks (so no need to bring your own!), showers, steam room, sauna, lounge area and restrooms. I attempted to use multiple lockers and couldn’t get them to work. With no attendant available, I ended up just taking our belongings to the pool which worked out just fine.

Processed with VSCO with q5 presetOlivia and I visited the Fairmont on a Wednesday afternoon, which ended up being a relatively calm day. It was slightly overcast so we were able to enjoy the outdoors without getting too hot. There was one other couple just exiting the pool as we arrived, which allowed us full freedom to splash and play! I was delightfully surprised to discover that the pool was treated with saline (not chlorine) and heated to a comfortable degree.

When Olivia needed a little break, we took advantage of the poolside lounge chairs and umbrellas. Towels were already laid out for guests and cucumber water was provided at a nearby refreshment station. A communal bottle of SPF 30 sunscreen was also complimentary forProcessed with VSCO with q5 preset those who may have forgotten to pack their own.

After a snack and a snooze, we jumped back into the pool for a refresher before calling it a day. By the time we left, two other guests had joined us poolside, although we seemed the only ones keen on the pool. A jacuzzi was also available on the pool deck and I’m sure it would be lovely in the evening or on a cooler day.  Olivia and I had a great time at the Fairmont and will definitely return periodically throughout the summer!

Moms, if you have the opportunity to take advantage of a day trip like this sans kids, do it! I wish I could have had the chance to utilize the gym facilities with its indoor/outdoor training options and ocean views. Combine that with a dip in the pool followed by a steam and shower….heavenly! Even more amazing would be if a yoga or barre class were included in the day access pass, or at least an option to bundle. Hint, hint….

If you want to make a day of it, Fig boasts of some of the most creative and tastiest dishes in Santa Monica. On a separate occasion, I treated my husband for dinner there and we shared the dinner tasting menu with wine pairing which was absolutely phenomenal. Seriously one of the best (and biggest) meals of my life with enough to take home for lunch the next day. Their patio overlooks the pool so depending on the time of day you are there, the scent of fresh bread and wood roasted delights may be too tempting to pass up.

Parking at the Fairmont Miramar is easy as there are several options. Metered street parking is plentiful, Santa Monica City Parking Structure 2 is a short walk and the first 90 minutes are free, Valet parking at the hotel starts at $18 for the first hour.

With or without kids, Day/Axe is a great service and they currently have participating properties in Beverly Hills, Century City, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Newport Beach San Diego and San Francisco. The process to book is simple, the value is amazing and you don’t have to deal with the sand from the beach that gets everywhere! You know you are getting  clean facilities and a five star experience that is much different from the community center. Totally worth it!

Processed with VSCO with q5 preset


Springtime Sickies

It’s usually very rare that I get sick.  Now a mom, I feel like I am constantly battling off some kind of illness and my guess is because I am simply trying to do too much. All of the time and effort I put into caring for my daughter is energy that I used to spend thinking about my own well being. I must admit, self-care is still something I am trying to find balance with in my new identity. But that is a topic for another time!

I have been a longtime lover of Thieves oil and am fascinated with its Medieval origins. You can read more about Thieves Oil here. Historically, this blend of bygone days is diffused to aid in air purification and more recently, diluted with oils and can be massaged into your skin.  Young Living Essential Oils has created their very own therapeutic Thieves Vitality blend that is ingestible.  That’s right!  The oils can be added to any food or drink an IMG_2823.JPGconsumed for fast-acting immunity boosting goodness.

This morning I added some to my coffee in the hopes that it will boost my immunity from the inside out.  Now, I have a full day of rest, fresh water, and it’s time to catch up on This Is Us while my husband has the baby.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Int’l Kids Yoga Day

We are ONE WEEK away from International Kids Yoga day! On April 7th, kids all around the world will come together for unity in yoga movement. Maybe for a few breaths, the world can get a little peace at last.

This year, over 40,000 kids and more than 41 countries will participate in Kids Yoga Day and it’s easy to get involved. It doesn’t take any fancy equipment. You don’t have to be part of a yoga studio. You don’t even have to leave your home! Whenever you happen to be at 11am local time, encourage your kids to pause, lead afew postures or a simple guided meditation and discover how far a little bit of mindfulness can go.

Need some ideas?


•Start by taking some mindful breaths together. Inhale and feel the lungs fill up like balloons then exhale and let all the air out.
•Lead a simple Sun Salutation and bonus points for incorporating animal sounds!
•This is where I like to incorporate a dance party or game, but feel free to skip it if your time is limited.
•Tell a short story: Stand at the base of a tall mountain (mountain pose), start “hiking” (march in place or warrior lunges), rest (sit without using your hands).  What animals do you see?  Maybe a rabbit with tall ears (chair, arms extended), a bird (warrior 3), or a sloth (slow motion tree on each side)
•Cool down by coming back to the breath.  Children can either sit criss-cross or lay down. Encourage them to close their eyes and focus on themselves.  “Think of a place you like.  It can be a real place or one you imagine and your favorite animal is there.  The animal brings comfort, will protect you and you can tell the animal your hopes and fears.  Remember this place.  You can return anytime. Now slowly wiggle you fingers and toes and take a full body stretch.  Roll over onto one side and slowly up to seated.  Take one great big breath in together.”
•You may choose to close you class with a collective “om” or “namaste” but be aware that some schools may not look kindly on this practice as it can be construed as religious.  Definitely check with your administration!

Not sure how to lead a class?

Let the music speak for you! Choose a couple songs or set up a full playlist and follow along:

Warm up – Oh Yeah, JVG Music
Sun Salutation – Sun’s Magic, KayLee Smiles
Stretch – Fly Like a Butterfly, Shakta Kaur Khalsa
Cool Down/Savasana – Mama Nature, Kira Wiley

For those of you in SoCal, we kick off with a rally at Santa Monica Pier on Thursday, April 6th from 4-6pm. I will be holding a class for kids ages 2-7 at Equinox Sports Club WLA from 11am-11:15am. This class is free, but reservation is required for entry. We will also have special art projects going on all day. RSVP via email to:

Join us in making the world a better place, one pose at a time!

Unexpected Pep-Squad

Tuesday was a pretty typical day. Granted, I was operating a few hours less than normal for my own selfish reasons, but even Mom deserves a night out every now and then! Overall, I still felt pretty good. Maybe my leftover hairdo looked a bit disheveled or maybe my afternoon coffee was starting to wear off. Perhaps it was the mere fact that I had a small child in my arms. Whatever the reason, people today were particularly fantastic at the grocery store.

My sweet little Olivia was asleep when we arrived, so I gingerly placed her car seat into the

shopping cart and scooted around the store gently. Aisle after aisle, I kept running into the same dude who was shopping with his dude friend. The second time we smiled. The third time we exchanged a friendly “hey”. The fourth time we both started laughing. At that point, a family visiting from Sweden came up to admire the sleeping babe and ask for help determining which baby items were which. Apparently something was lost in translation. During checkout Livi woke up when a friend of mine found us and was helping entertain her while I signed my checks. His hands were full with his own groceries, but he was a fun distraction for her!

Sometimes Livi prefers to held during checkout and sometimes she sleeps right through IMG_9289.JPGit. When she’s awake, moving groceries from the cart to the car while juggling a baby is a challenge. Mom needs to be with baby’s eyesight or chaos will ensue! Doing all of this IN THE RAIN is whole new challenge. On this last trip to the store, I was wearing my little lady and a raincoat and holding an umbrella over the two of us. I managed to get my sopping wet paper bags (my fault for not remembering canvas!) into the car without them breaking and was looking for the cart return section. The woman in the car next to me offered…nay, insisted that she return the cart for me since I obviously had my hands full. I graciously thanked her and was one upped with her response: “You’re doing an awesome job, mama. Keep it up!”

Those few words made my day. I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear them until that moment. Sure, people compliment my baby all the time. And they ask how the baby is doing/sleeping/eating/learning. But not me. The words from this stranger were so encouraging and uplifting. I think we need more of that in our lives! Be aware of your surroundings, be receptive to assistance, be giving with your thoughts and go make someone’s day.

So Fair To Be Seen

So, you survived the craziness of the year and here we go full-steam ahead into the holidays. Whether it’s the most wonderful time or the most maddening time, some kind of travel is probably going to be involved. We are going to attempt an 8 hour drive with an 8 month old who really just wants to move all day! This should be interesting. 
We plan on leaving during nap time, (praying the poop of the day happens early!) and making frequent stops along the way for feedings, changings and general circulation. What did I learn from the last road trip we took? You can read about it here. But essentially, we are dealing with an older, hungrier, more mobile kid so it’s going to be a brand new experience! Whether you are driving or flying, here are some tips to help you survive the holiday travel:

What to Wear

Choose something comfortable if you are breastfeeding, something accessible! My favorite outfit consists of Athleta leggings with super cute (and functional!) side zipper pockets, Coobie bra under Enza Costa slub tank and topped off with a Motherhood Maternity chunky nursing cardigan (which is really just for layering warmth). Throw on your favorite pair of sneaks or flats and you are ready to ride!

What to Bring
If you cover these essential categories, you can survive holiday travel like a pro. Everything else is just icing on the cookie. 

Diapering/Toilet Essentials – Diapers? Wipes? Mobile changing pad? Super soft toilet paper? Hand sanitizer? Spare clothes? Now add another 2 pieces. Remember to thrown in some bags for soiled clothes and stinky nappies. Do you already have a car seat liner? I highly suggest at least one so if there’s a blowout while in the car seat, at least babe won’t have to wallow in it.

Food on the Go – If your little one is still on the boob or bottle, your best bet will probably be to stick close to your little one’s feeding schedule. If baby is a bit bigger, you might be able to get away with some light snacking between meals on the go. But watch out for hazards! The last thing you want is cause an accident on the interstate because your child was choking on an ‘O’. Remember to pack plenty of snacks for the adults on the ride! Happy bellies make everyone happier. 

Entertainment – While I’m not necessarily a fan of plopping kids down in front of the TV, a portable DVD player or videos loaded onto a tablet may help slightly older kiddos pass the time. Livi’s car seat is tricked out with multiple toys, many that latch on, so she is rarely at a loss for something to look at or touch. Kid-friendly music (not necessarily kid music) is essential and if you don’t get motion sickness, consider bringing a book to read aloud!

What to Ask For

You are traveling with a child. If you are traveling a great distance (ie: the better part of a day) ask your family for a bit of help. I’m sure they would be happy to be of assistance knowing that you’re bringing your mini along for a visit. Here is a “hey, I braving the road with a small child to come and see you” wishlist:

    * Diapers and wipes – specify size, don’t get too caught up on brand. Doesn’t hurt to request “sensitive”

    * Baby food or kiddo’s reward snack 

    * Post-travel entertainment – work in a little break by arranging an arrival walk or baby handoff so you can shower and stretch 

What to Do

Remember to enjoy the season and all the blessings it brings.

The Last Phone Case You’ll Ever Need

At least until you upgrade. But even then, Rokform will have you covered.

So this post is long overdue and most sincere apologies for not sharing this momtastic find with you before! I have been using this brand for at least two years now and its universal mounting system and ingenious magnet is super handy!

IMG_0852.jpgNow you guessed it, the phone can be mounted on any of the Rokform bases, allowing for a smooth transition between activities. I have a mount in my car that my phone just clicks onto with a mere quarter turn. The mount is especially cool since it can hold my phone vertically or horizontally depending on my mood…er, needs. This is great for maps, music and with the advent of the “Hey, Siri” function on the iPhone 6, it makes for very safe, legal and functional handsfree use while driving.

There are a myriad of mounts for the car. I have the extended dash mount, which is best for my Carolla. This mount positions my phone on the center console, where it is easily visible with a glance and far enough away where I’m not tempted to fiddle with it! When mounted vertically, my iPhone hangs over the A/C controls but the knob is still quite reachable from underneath.

And have I mentioned the magnet? It’s the function you never knew you always needed! IMG_0816.jpgStick it to your car (and if you happen to drive off without retrieving it, odds are it will probably still be where you left it when you stop), when you need an extra hand. Fitness fiend? Make your own Insta videos by sticking your phone to a piece of metal gym equipment…just beware of other enthusiasts who may want to work in with said equipment. Keep your phone clean while trying out a new recipe by keeping it out of harms way on the fridge. In all of these scenarios, your phone stay accessible without the risk of being stepped or dripped on!

The bike mount is also handy if you need a map or want to record video of your ride. It will also adapt to a standard strolled handle quite easily! I attempted to attach it to my jogger so I could have DJ capabilities while running, but no such luck. It needs an extra notch or two to make it all the way around (hint, hint).  While perusing the Rokform website for alternatives, I noticed the new line of GoPro accessories, which made me geek out a bit.

IMG_8651.JPGHow much do I love Rokform? Let me count the ways. Seriously, all of the above reasons are FANTASTIC. But what about the case itself? Oh you know, the clear crystal case is of durable polycarbonate construction plus shock resistant corners for added protection. Reason enough to experience this phone case!

Check out their selection and grab your own at

Bite-Sized Energy Support

Whether you are breastfeeding or not, many of us could use an energy boost. Unfortunately, convenient caffeinated beverages or sugary snacks often triumph over the healthy option, leading to that mid-day crash. These little no-bake balls  of goodness (adapted from Lori Bregman) are not only easy to make, they’re like eating spoonfuls of cookie dough! I throw two into a small container and keep it in my purse for a quick pick-me-up while I’m on the go.


For lactation, I have found these little bites to be quite effective in building up my milk supply. After eating two bites per day for several days (not even a week!) I was able to pump two additional feeding’s worth of milk per day. If you are trying to build your supply, I highly recommend giving this a try! A word of caution: beware of overdoing it. If your baby is unable to empty your breast with the feeding, you should seriously consider cutting back and/or pumping to save for future use.

For non-lactating women and men, these bites are perfectly safe and no, they won’t make you spontaneously leak. Chances are you are already eating at least one of the ingredients listed below! The key ingredient, brewer’s yeast, only enhances lactation if the person ingesting it already has active lactogenic hormones. It is a by-product of brewing beer, hence the name, and is a great source of vitamins and protein. Scroll down for more details!

Yield: 12-15 bites


2 cups dry rolled oats

1 cup almond butter

2 tablespoons ground flaxseed

1 tablespoon brewer’s yeast

1/2 cup dark chocolate chunks or cacao nibs

1/3 cup honey or agave

Optional: shredded coconut

Mix ingredients well (except for coconut shreds) and chill for 15-20 minutes. Roll into 1-inch balls. Optional: roll through shredded coconut. Store in an airtight containers container in the fridge or freezer.

But why those ingredients?

Oatmeal is high in iron and helps to lower cholesterol. Both are great for everyone and extra beneficial when it comes to lactation.

Almonds are full of protein, calcium and vitamins that give you a natural energy boost! Don’t forget that they’re packed with healthy fats that not only get passed on through breastmilk, but you’ll also reap the side benefits of a glowing complexion and shiny hair.

Flaxseeds increase the amount of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and Omega-3, which are great for both your and your baby’s developing brain.

Brewers yeast, as mentioned before, is s beer making by-product and is a traditional supplement that increases milk in nursing mothers. In many European cultures, dark beer is recommended for lactation assistance…reap the benefits sans the alcohol! It is a great source of vitamin B, protein (hello, energy!) and chromium, which may lower blood glucose levels.

Dark Chocolate has been proven to be a mood enhancer and you may have heard about its antioxidant qualities. But did you know it’s a bronchodilator, meaning it helps increase airflow to the lungs? It can also help to lower blood pressure and may help to prevent sun damage. Opt for this over the sugary milk chocolate.

Cacao nibs are the purest form of chocolate because they are less processed that chocolate bars. Some believe they have the highest antioxidant concentration of all foods.

Honey seems to be a miracle food! It’s antibacterial, anti-fungal, an antioxidant and is a natural remedy for many a malady.  Oh yeah, plus it’s a natural sweetener and energy booster!

Agave is a great vegan alternative to honey. While it doesn’t quite boast of the same qualities as its counterpart, it’s s good option for those watching their glucose.

Shredded coconut for this recipe is all for the texture. If you don’t like coconut, by all means skip it! But believe it or not, coconut benefits both you and baby. Coconut is another food that is high in antioxidants, is a natural source of vitamin E and boosts the protective elements in lauric acid and capric acid that get passed through the breastmilk.

Try them and let me know what you think!

Road Trip Tips

July has been a crazy month of travel for the Marshall Tribe. We wanted to introduce Olivia to our kith and kin before I return to teaching, so we embarked on a family tour to see as many as we could.

The first weekend consisted of driving 450 miles or so to visit my family in Northern California, baby and dog in tow. I pumped while my husband drove and was able to feed her more efficiently when feeding time hit.  We expected to (and did) make several stops in each direction to change Olivia’s diapers, feed and give her a break from the car seat. Despite our best efforts, we still ended up with a couple of blowouts thanks to her position in the car seat. Luckily, we still had her infant positioner inside, which caught all of the spillage and saved us the hassle of scrubbing!


Here are my helpful haves:

Power Inverter

If you’re not lucky enough to have an outlet in your car, this little guy does wonders. In the past, I’ve used it to blow up air mattress for the great outdoors (don’t judge me) and it powered my Madela Breast Pump just fine. All you have to do is plug it in to your cigarette lighter and you’ll be up and running!

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles

Upon close inspection, I noticed a very similar size and shape between the Madela breastmilk bottles. Lo and behold, my Pump In Style can pump directly into Dr. Brown’s bottles saving time and cleanup.

Kiddopotomus Snuzzler

If your little one is little enough to fit in this positioner and you must keep keep him or her in the car seat for an extended period of time, grab this little helper. Not only does it keep your baby in an ideal position, it provides a bit of padding (think cozy armchair) and has the side benefit of protecting the car seat from leaky diapers. It is adjustable and machine washable for easy cleanup.

Snuggle Nest

But where did she sleep? Traveling can be hard on everyone and at the end of the day, a good night’s sleep can solve a myriad of problems. For kiddos under 4 months old, including my Livi, the Snuggle Nest has proven to be a source of safety and comfort for the family. She sleeps in this (for now) at home and the familiarity is helpful away from home. It has a basic built in white noise machine, a touch light and folds up for easy transportation. It can also double as a suitcase!

The Miscellany

You’ve heard it. Take extra diapers, wipes and a change of clothes. Do it. We stopped several times in accordance with Olivia’s normal feeding aka pooping schedule but as it turns out, travel interrupted (and compressed) her regular movements making for some unexpected (and messy) surprises. The result was that I used more diapers, more wipes and went through three changes of clothes PLUS had to use a spare cloth in car seat to protect from spillage. The car bag I packed barely sufficed. Overpack. Then add one more.

All things considered, Olivia did very well with the trip! I wouldn’t call it an ideal method of travel, but it allowed our whole family to be together. By all means, fly if you can (more on that later), drive if you must. We made sure to give her some nudie bootie time and a massage when we arrived at our destination!

IMG_1388.JPGMy family adored her, especially my sister, who has two older boys of her own.  What made the trip extra special was having four generations of ladies together as we celebrated Great G’ma’s 85th birthday! Oh, and did I mention it was also 4th of July weekend? Yeah, we fit a lot in and it was totally worth it.


Fabulous Fabula Nebulae

image-768x1024I love getting mail. I had multiple pen pals throughout elementary and junior high school to feed my obsession with receiving mail. To this day, I volunteer with a kids literacy program so that I get more mail. This particular piece of mail contained an extra something special – handmade natural products from a loving family on the other side of the country. And I must say, Fabula Nebulae knows how things should be done.

This amazing company was introduced to me via the magic of Instagram and I was so excited to learn more about them! A small family business local to Holden, Maine, Fabula Nebulae was born to a create a solution for those with sensitive skin and a desire for natural remedies. I’ve used a lot of natural products in my day and have even experimented with making some of my own. These guys take the cupcake!

My box of goodies contained a variety of the products, all emblazoned with their core principle: natural goodness – nothing else.

Grapefruit & Ginger Lip Balm
This is quite possibly my new favorite lip balm. After just a few days of using it, I noticed that my lips were no longer peeling and felt nice & plump again. After continued use, they are super soft and amazing. Definitely going to keep this around! I did make the mistake of keeping it in my pocket for a day and due to the natural oils of the product noticed that it became soft and squishy. The people behind Fabula Nebulae know this about their products and the package did come with instructions on how to remedy this situation! Placing in a cool place will help to solidify the natural oils quite nicely!

Natural Deodorant
Now, I have been using a deodorant from another Maine company for a few years now and I was excited to try this. It did not disappoint! It has the texture of a solid, goes on clear like a gel despite it being opaque, and has a nice light scent that’s not overpowering. I’ve been using it daily since I revived it and barely notice that I have it on – which is a good thing! It is also moisturizing, especially after shaving, but doesn’t leave any oily or “wet” residue and doesn’t soak through clothing. My days are often 10+ hours, including teaching and my own workouts….this lasts through it all!

Sugar Scrub for Rough Spots (Cheering Citrus)
I have to be honest, I was expecting to experience another scrub that was either too course or too slimy. To my surprise, this one was just right. I think it’s the honey that keeps it soft without being runny. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself. Another thing that I love about this scrub is that doesn’t dissolve away the instant it mixed on your skin with water. It actually gives you a chance to scrub away those rough spots. And if you drop a little too soon, odds are you’ll be able to pick it up and continue using your handful. It doesn’t just slip away down the drain. You would be hard pressed to find a better scrub than this.

Muscle & Joint Soother
This has been a delight to have around towards to end of my pregnancy. With my joints and ligaments softening, I have been subject to some light pains here and there, but nothing this soother can’t handle. Now, you do have to be careful with certain essential oils during pregnancy so it’s a good idea to check with your doctor or midwife before you use any. This was deemed safe for my situation and I am so thankful for that. Not pregnant or breastfeeding? No worries – use it as often as you need! Again, it’s made with a lot of natural oils & butters that don’t leave you sticky and aromatherapy to boot. I will forever have this in my medicine cabinet.

Bumble Fairy Sun Dust
Just because every girl needs a little sparkle from time to time! I’ve actually taken to carrying this around with me on a daily basis, just in case the mood strikes. It’s not the roll-on glitter stick that I remember from my childhood, but a subtle sparkle that just makes you go ‘yay!’ It comes in a cute little pot (that will last a WHILE) and you get to decide how glittery you want to be by how much you apply. The solidified carrier that the glitter is in helps it adhere to your skin and will seriously last an entire day. I usually just wear it on my collar bone for fun, but no reason you can’t have fun with it!

There are so many wonderful products on their website, they no doubt have the body care items that you are looking for. Personally, I plan on adding some Quiet the Storm skin calming salve (one of the original products) to my collection in preparation for the birth of my baby and look forward to what new products this family business concocts next!

Shop for Fabula Nebulae online at for the best in natural body care products for the whole family.

Good Night, Animal World – a Kids Yoga Stories Book Review


Written by Giselle Shardlow
Illustrated by Emily Gedzyk

My favorite books are the ones where you don’t simply sit and read. Anything that inspires movement is magic to me and that’s just what this book does! Kids Yoga Stories is a series of books that guides young yogis through a mini yoga practice and encourages engagement between the reader and listener.

I was very fortunate to stumble upon these books! Published in 2013, Good Night, Animal World IMG_8034-231x300.jpgintroduces yoga poses for relaxation and would be wonderful to incorporate into any bedtime routine. The readers are introduced to children from the six different continents, who all take a turn sharing a regional animal and demonstrate a corresponding yoga asana.  Check it out!

The progression of animal poses is well thought out, as kids are given the opportunity to follow along with poses that are energy releasing, focused and relaxing.

This book will appeal to kids ages 2-5 and is not just for reading at home. Educators and caregivers may also find this helpful when it’s time to settle down. As a kids yoga instructor, I find this book to be a handy dandy little “treat” to guide my younglings into Savasana if things get too unruly. As for my own little one, I’m excited to be able to introduce these books after he or she joins us on the outside!

Good Night, Animal World is available for $11.95 + shipping from Kids Yoga Stories.
Available in English and Spanish!

Be sure to check out some of the other fun titles, too:
Maria Explores the Ocean (New!)
Sophia’s Jungle Adventure
Luke’s Beach Day
Hello Bali