Springtime Sickies

It’s usually very rare that I get sick.  Now a mom, I feel like I am constantly battling off some kind of illness and my guess is because I am simply trying to do too much. All of the time and effort I put into caring for my daughter is energy that I used to spend thinking about my own well being. I must admit, self-care is still something I am trying to find balance with in my new identity. But that is a topic for another time!

I have been a longtime lover of Thieves oil and am fascinated with its Medieval origins. You can read more about Thieves Oil here. Historically, this blend of bygone days is diffused to aid in air purification and more recently, diluted with oils and can be massaged into your skin.  Young Living Essential Oils has created their very own therapeutic Thieves Vitality blend that is ingestible.  That’s right!  The oils can be added to any food or drink an IMG_2823.JPGconsumed for fast-acting immunity boosting goodness.

This morning I added some to my coffee in the hopes that it will boost my immunity from the inside out.  Now, I have a full day of rest, fresh water, and it’s time to catch up on This Is Us while my husband has the baby.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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