Int’l Kids Yoga Day

We are ONE WEEK away from International Kids Yoga day! On April 7th, kids all around the world will come together for unity in yoga movement. Maybe for a few breaths, the world can get a little peace at last.

This year, over 40,000 kids and more than 41 countries will participate in Kids Yoga Day and it’s easy to get involved. It doesn’t take any fancy equipment. You don’t have to be part of a yoga studio. You don’t even have to leave your home! Whenever you happen to be at 11am local time, encourage your kids to pause, lead afew postures or a simple guided meditation and discover how far a little bit of mindfulness can go.

Need some ideas?


•Start by taking some mindful breaths together. Inhale and feel the lungs fill up like balloons then exhale and let all the air out.
•Lead a simple Sun Salutation and bonus points for incorporating animal sounds!
•This is where I like to incorporate a dance party or game, but feel free to skip it if your time is limited.
•Tell a short story: Stand at the base of a tall mountain (mountain pose), start “hiking” (march in place or warrior lunges), rest (sit without using your hands).  What animals do you see?  Maybe a rabbit with tall ears (chair, arms extended), a bird (warrior 3), or a sloth (slow motion tree on each side)
•Cool down by coming back to the breath.  Children can either sit criss-cross or lay down. Encourage them to close their eyes and focus on themselves.  “Think of a place you like.  It can be a real place or one you imagine and your favorite animal is there.  The animal brings comfort, will protect you and you can tell the animal your hopes and fears.  Remember this place.  You can return anytime. Now slowly wiggle you fingers and toes and take a full body stretch.  Roll over onto one side and slowly up to seated.  Take one great big breath in together.”
•You may choose to close you class with a collective “om” or “namaste” but be aware that some schools may not look kindly on this practice as it can be construed as religious.  Definitely check with your administration!

Not sure how to lead a class?

Let the music speak for you! Choose a couple songs or set up a full playlist and follow along:

Warm up – Oh Yeah, JVG Music
Sun Salutation – Sun’s Magic, KayLee Smiles
Stretch – Fly Like a Butterfly, Shakta Kaur Khalsa
Cool Down/Savasana – Mama Nature, Kira Wiley

For those of you in SoCal, we kick off with a rally at Santa Monica Pier on Thursday, April 6th from 4-6pm. I will be holding a class for kids ages 2-7 at Equinox Sports Club WLA from 11am-11:15am. This class is free, but reservation is required for entry. We will also have special art projects going on all day. RSVP via email to:

Join us in making the world a better place, one pose at a time!


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