So Fair To Be Seen

So, you survived the craziness of the year and here we go full-steam ahead into the holidays. Whether it’s the most wonderful time or the most maddening time, some kind of travel is probably going to be involved. We are going to attempt an 8 hour drive with an 8 month old who really just wants to move all day! This should be interesting. 
We plan on leaving during nap time, (praying the poop of the day happens early!) and making frequent stops along the way for feedings, changings and general circulation. What did I learn from the last road trip we took? You can read about it here. But essentially, we are dealing with an older, hungrier, more mobile kid so it’s going to be a brand new experience! Whether you are driving or flying, here are some tips to help you survive the holiday travel:

What to Wear

Choose something comfortable if you are breastfeeding, something accessible! My favorite outfit consists of Athleta leggings with super cute (and functional!) side zipper pockets, Coobie bra under Enza Costa slub tank and topped off with a Motherhood Maternity chunky nursing cardigan (which is really just for layering warmth). Throw on your favorite pair of sneaks or flats and you are ready to ride!

What to Bring
If you cover these essential categories, you can survive holiday travel like a pro. Everything else is just icing on the cookie. 

Diapering/Toilet Essentials – Diapers? Wipes? Mobile changing pad? Super soft toilet paper? Hand sanitizer? Spare clothes? Now add another 2 pieces. Remember to thrown in some bags for soiled clothes and stinky nappies. Do you already have a car seat liner? I highly suggest at least one so if there’s a blowout while in the car seat, at least babe won’t have to wallow in it.

Food on the Go – If your little one is still on the boob or bottle, your best bet will probably be to stick close to your little one’s feeding schedule. If baby is a bit bigger, you might be able to get away with some light snacking between meals on the go. But watch out for hazards! The last thing you want is cause an accident on the interstate because your child was choking on an ‘O’. Remember to pack plenty of snacks for the adults on the ride! Happy bellies make everyone happier. 

Entertainment – While I’m not necessarily a fan of plopping kids down in front of the TV, a portable DVD player or videos loaded onto a tablet may help slightly older kiddos pass the time. Livi’s car seat is tricked out with multiple toys, many that latch on, so she is rarely at a loss for something to look at or touch. Kid-friendly music (not necessarily kid music) is essential and if you don’t get motion sickness, consider bringing a book to read aloud!

What to Ask For

You are traveling with a child. If you are traveling a great distance (ie: the better part of a day) ask your family for a bit of help. I’m sure they would be happy to be of assistance knowing that you’re bringing your mini along for a visit. Here is a “hey, I braving the road with a small child to come and see you” wishlist:

    * Diapers and wipes – specify size, don’t get too caught up on brand. Doesn’t hurt to request “sensitive”

    * Baby food or kiddo’s reward snack 

    * Post-travel entertainment – work in a little break by arranging an arrival walk or baby handoff so you can shower and stretch 

What to Do

Remember to enjoy the season and all the blessings it brings.


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