The Last Phone Case You’ll Ever Need

At least until you upgrade. But even then, Rokform will have you covered.

So this post is long overdue and most sincere apologies for not sharing this momtastic find with you before! I have been using this brand for at least two years now and its universal mounting system and ingenious magnet is super handy!

IMG_0852.jpgNow you guessed it, the phone can be mounted on any of the Rokform bases, allowing for a smooth transition between activities. I have a mount in my car that my phone just clicks onto with a mere quarter turn. The mount is especially cool since it can hold my phone vertically or horizontally depending on my mood…er, needs. This is great for maps, music and with the advent of the β€œHey, Siri” function on the iPhone 6, it makes for very safe, legal and functional handsfree use while driving.

There are a myriad of mounts for the car. I have the extended dash mount, which is best for my Carolla. This mount positions my phone on the center console, where it is easily visible with a glance and far enough away where I’m not tempted to fiddle with it! When mounted vertically, my iPhone hangs over the A/C controls but the knob is still quite reachable from underneath.

And have I mentioned the magnet? It’s the function you never knew you always needed! IMG_0816.jpgStick it to your car (and if you happen to drive off without retrieving it, odds are it will probably still be where you left it when you stop), when you need an extra hand. Fitness fiend? Make your own Insta videos by sticking your phone to a piece of metal gym equipment…just beware of other enthusiasts who may want to work in with said equipment. Keep your phone clean while trying out a new recipe by keeping it out of harms way on the fridge. In all of these scenarios, your phone stay accessible without the risk of being stepped or dripped on!

The bike mount is also handy if you need a map or want to record video of your ride. It will also adapt to a standard strolled handle quite easily! I attempted to attach it to my jogger so I could have DJ capabilities while running, but no such luck. It needs an extra notch or two to make it all the way around (hint, hint).Β  While perusing the Rokform website for alternatives, I noticed the new line of GoPro accessories, which made me geek out a bit.

IMG_8651.JPGHow much do I love Rokform? Let me count the ways. Seriously, all of the above reasons are FANTASTIC. But what about the case itself? Oh you know, the clear crystal case is of durable polycarbonate construction plus shock resistant corners for added protection. Reason enough to experience this phone case!

Check out their selection and grab your own at


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