Good Night, Animal World – a Kids Yoga Stories Book Review


Written by Giselle Shardlow
Illustrated by Emily Gedzyk

My favorite books are the ones where you don’t simply sit and read. Anything that inspires movement is magic to me and that’s just what this book does! Kids Yoga Stories is a series of books that guides young yogis through a mini yoga practice and encourages engagement between the reader and listener.

I was very fortunate to stumble upon these books! Published in 2013, Good Night, Animal World IMG_8034-231x300.jpgintroduces yoga poses for relaxation and would be wonderful to incorporate into any bedtime routine. The readers are introduced to children from the six different continents, who all take a turn sharing a regional animal and demonstrate a corresponding yoga asana.Β  Check it out!

The progression of animal poses is well thought out, as kids are given the opportunity to follow along with poses that are energy releasing, focused and relaxing.

This book will appeal to kids ages 2-5 and is not just for reading at home. Educators and caregivers may also find this helpful when it’s time to settle down. As a kids yoga instructor, I find this book to be a handy dandy little “treat” to guide my younglings into Savasana if things get too unruly. As for my own little one, I’m excited to be able to introduce these books after he or she joins us on the outside!

Good Night, Animal World is available for $11.95 + shipping from Kids Yoga Stories.
Available in English and Spanish!

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