New UCLA Study Showing Benefits of Yoga for Kids & Teens

girl.jpgIt’s not often a child comes to my classes specifically for chronic pain, but they are out there!  A recent study from UCLA’s Pediatric Pain Programs shows that 45% of children suffer from chronic stomach aches, headaches, backaches, etc.  Yoga has shown health benefits for adults, so why not for kids?

The study specifies Iyengar Yoga because of its emphasis on props to held students go deeper into their muscular relaxation.  This, in turn, if often followed by deep mental relaxation to relieve stress even if it is not apparent.  Can’t find an Iyengar class for kids or young adults?  Vinyasa or kid centric yoga classes of any nature can probably help!  And if you don’t have access to these classes in your town, stay tuned for some videos here…

In short….everyone can (and probably should) do yoga!  To read more about this study and find suggested poses for various ailments, check out the link below.  Let me know what you try and how it has helped!

Iyengar Yoga Shows Potential to Help Kids with Chronic Pain


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