Story Time with Turtle & Kitty

A sweet and zany book found its way to me from Los Angeles artist June Meyers.  Accompanied by the poetry to Lee Silton, Turtle & Kitty follows the unlikely playmates after they are separated from each other no thanks to a meddling auntie.  Apart from their BFFs, Turtle and Kitty just can’t find the gumption to get through their days and it is Auntie who learns the lesson of tolerance.


This is a wonderful story to share with children as they begin to become aware of differences.  As kids develop, they are able to distinguish between things that are alike and it’s good to be reminded that just because something or someone is different, they don’t need to be kept away or feared.

Silton’s verse reminds me of a delicate Dr. Seuss and is easy enough for 1 year olds to understand.  Each page is filled with illustrations even 4-6 year olds can appreciate, such as a park bench with four different feet or fun outfits on our heroes at playtime.  I’ve even found some 8 and 9 year olds thumbing though the pages with a chuckle!

This is truly a heartwarming tale and can even serve as a reminder to the reader: it’s not wrong, it’s just different and that’s okay!

Turtle & Kitty is available for purchase at


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